Where to Hide a Spare Key

It’s very important to store your spare key in a secure place. After all, intruders or burglars can easily break into your property if they can find your spare key. You might think that keeping your keys under your doormat or a vase beside your front door will do the trick — that’s where you are wrong. If you want to make it harder for the bad guys to access your key and property, below we have provided some of the best places to hide your spare keys.

On your dog’s collar

Believe it or not, your furry friend can help you keep your keys safe. However, it’s crucial to have an aggressive dog or this won’t work. You can hide the keys on the collar of your dog. Even if the burglar sees the key on your dog’s collar, he will have a difficult time handling your aggressive dog.

Put your keys in a safe

Don’t hesitate to invest in a safe if you can afford to. This is one of the best and easiest ways to hide your spare keys. While there’s a chance that intruders can locate the safe, they won’t easily access your key since most safes require a special code and can’t be unlocked unless the correct code has been provided.

A jar of keys

Storing your extra keys in a jar full of keys will give the thieves a hard time finding the original key. You want to fill the entire jar with fake or decoy keys and throw the original one inside as well. In addition, feel free to add numerous key colors and shapes to make sure that the right key doesn’t stand out easily. Of course, don’t forget to shake the jar thoroughly to mix the keys.

Inside a fake sprinkler head

There are fake sprinkler heads that allow you to secure your duplicate keys. These products are often affordable and easy to install and use. No one will suspect that you are hiding your keys inside a sprinkler head. This can be an ideal place to hide your additional keys and some cash. Just make sure to place the fake sprinkler head where it can’t be easily found.

Consider following the tips above if you’re finding it a bit difficult to store your spare keys. Be creative and experiment with different ways and you’ll find one that enables you to secure your keys!


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