What is the Difference from Rekeying a Lock and Changing a Lock?

Locks are designed to offer security. This is why they are featured on your home. When you move into a new home, it is common for security to be a major concern. One of the first things that new homeowners choose to do is to have the locks changed. However, it is possible to simply have the locks rekeyed instead of my them replaced completely. Before you choose to have your locks rekeyed, it is important for you to understand what rekeying is exactly and what makes it so different from changing a lock.

Here are a few of the biggest differences from changing a lock or having it rekeyed:


When you change a lock, you replace the old lock with a new lock that has completely different hardware, but this is not the case when you choose to have a lock rekeyed. When you just rekey a lock the hardware of the lock remains mostly the same. The lock mechanism within the lock is what is changed when the lock is rekeyed. This mechanism being changed will ensure that only a new key will be able to work properly within the lock. This means that while the hardware of the lock does remain the same, it will only work with the use of a new key.


Another main difference between having a lock changed and having it rekeyed is the price of the service. When you have a lock changed, you need to pay for a new lock. This can be quite costly of you are changing all of the locks in your home. However, with lock rekeying, it is a lot more affordable and cost effective. You can keep all of the old locks and only have to change the locks in order for a new key to operate them. This means that if money is a major concern when you are looking to add security to your home, you may want to consider just having all of the locks rekeyed. It can save you money in the long run.


Having a lock changed is always a viable option, but lock rekeying is only possible when you are dealing with a lock that is in great condition. This means that if you have a lock that is in poor condition, it can only be changed. Condition is something  that matters when you are dealing with lock rekeying only.



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